We are all acutely aware of the need to economize and reduce expenses wherever possible. When it comes to selling a home, some people mistakenly believe that money can be saved by using a cut-rate real estate agent. This may seem appealing on the surface, but when the layers are peeled back it becomes apparent that services and negotiation efforts are often reduced as well.   The reality is that your net profit may be significantly reduced by using a cut-rate real estate agent.

Knowing that this dilemma existed, I sought to design a way to reduce effective commission rates while still maintaining the highest standards and levels of service. The result was something that I call FlexListing, which I trademarked several years ago.
FlexListing provides for a scale of commission rates starting at 3.8% and increasing up to 6% (or higher if you desire). The variable percentages are dependent on factors such as who finds the buyer, whether or not the buyer is represented by an agent, or whether or not you choose to provide us with a service retainer. Under no circumstances are our services to you ever reduced. You will always have the highest level of services from us as well as our many years of professional negotiating expertise.

Our Listing Agreements Can Be Cancelled

The hesitation of many sellers about entering into a long term listing agreement is justified.  Many agents try to lock sellers into a one year or longer agreement.  This only benefits the agent, not the seller.

Our listing agreements are written as a six month contract with the provision that it may be cancelled.  That is, you can fire us.

Please Give Us Some Serious Consideration

We are here to help you sell your home as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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